How to find 'short' arch supports?
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Where can I find arch supports for running shoes which *don't* extend back to the heel?

I've looked at WalMart, Target, and 3 shoe stores. None had what I was looking for. I found many variations on a design which includes a portion which lives under the heel. When I tried them, my heel would slide out of the shoe. (I'm abnormally picky about shoe/heel fit.)

I remember 15 years ago I bought some nike running shoes which came with red foam inserts and some double-sided tape. They were sort-of teardrop shape and fit directly under the insole. The shoes I've seen recently don't include anything of the sort, no matter the brand.

For my last pair of sneakers, I resorted to trial and error, building my own out of some craft foam.

I'd prefer a retail store, but I'm willing to consider buying online.
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Try this place. My mom used to work there.
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Perhaps you'd like an Arch Brace?

I'm sure millions of people have those old arch supports lying around unused. I'm just not sure how you'd get them. Have you tried nike outlet stores? Or just asked at a footlocker?
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