Bootfilter: Please ID these boots!
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Does anybody know the brand or style of these boots?
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hmm. they look a lot like minnetonkas or other moccasin-style boots.
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They look like working snowshoe mukluks to me, except that snowshoe mukluks typically have laces or wraps. I would poke around with those search terms and if you can't find them, you might contact one of the smaller Canadian manufacturers and see if anyone recognizes the details.
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Best answer: Are they these Northface boots on eBay?
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seconding mukluk or tall moccasin. It looks like they have a side zipper too, which might help your search.

Assuming that you are asking so you can get a pair of your own, could you just shoot the owner of that photo a message on flickr and ask them the brand? Those are really cute boots.

Edit: Oh snap, boot search won!
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