Please help me identify this noisy bird
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Woke up to this bird squawking in my backyard in north central Texas. Obviously the video quality is not great, but can anybody help me identify it based on its call? Mississippi Kite? Hawk? And do they eat kitties? For perspective, its on top of a 30ft bald cypress tree. It appears to be at least 18-24 inches from head to tail.
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I'm thinking rtha will know this. I listened to all the hawk-y birds on All About Birds, and none of them sounded exactly right. I'll move on to my other bird recordings to see, though.
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Swainson's Hawk, maybe?

Eh, let's wait for rtha, this is not my speciality. She can confirm or deny. I memailed her.
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We think a Red-shouldered Hawk. In which case it will not eat kitties, just small birds, mostly.
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Here's a recording -- click on the "Typical territorial call "kee-aah""
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And this is the rtha/gingerbeer team responding here.
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I'm on my phone so linking things was a pain. If the rsha decides to nest near you, you can look forward to months of shouting from the parents and then the fledglings. They are noisy birds.
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It's a red shouldered hawk. It's call is really distinctive. We have them here (as in they are perched in the trees on my property nearly every day. I actually impressed my wildlife rehabilitator neighbor by being able to identify it by sound. But I've heard that call so many times that its unmistakable.
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Response by poster: So a red shouldered hawk. Good to know they won't eat Pixie.
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See, I thought it was a red-shouldered hawk at first, but then it really didn't sound like the ones who live in my yard either.
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(yes, and i should not have left our dear gingerbeer out of the summonsing)
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RSH's can and will swoop on prey. They love little tasty bits like mice and small birds, but have no problem testing larger prey especially during mating season and when they have a nest. I doubt that kitty will be lunch anytime soon, but don't be surprised to see a hawk dive-bomb her.
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Those Texas RSHAs have a Texas accent, is all. That's why you didn't recognize it.
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