Glass in gun cases?
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I have noticed that in most portable gun cases which are hard plastic on the outside with a foam core inside there seems to be pieces of shiny glass embedded in the foam. I have only noticed this in gun case foam not other types of foam for example, the foam inside couch cushions or bedding. Why would they put glass inside gun case foam?
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Gun case foam tends to be much stiffer than foam in couch cushions. This is because the firearm doesn't need to be comfortable. Similar foams are using in cases for tools, electronics, etc.

Looks like this?

There are various types of polymer foam, but I think ypu're asking about polyurethane foam, either ether or ester treated.

It may also be polyethelyne foam.

Polyurethane foam has lots of applications, and I think that's just how it looks, not that there is 'glass' embedded in it.
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Response by poster: I know foam sometimes has a "shimmer" to it, but these are large crystals. Is it possible they put glass there for decorative reasons? And yes it does look similar to the picture you posted.
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I've seen that kind of foam too, I think, and it's not glass. It's just foam with large gauge bubbles that are shiny.
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The only possible reason I can see for this is a glass plate relocker (here) but I can't see that happening on a portable case.
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Response by poster: but why would bubbles be shiny? look like this
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If you press on or squeeze this foam, can the "glass crystals" be felt as such?
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Response by poster: I'm not sure as I don't have a gun case in my house.
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