How do I promote my new podcast?
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I just posted the second episode of my podcast and alerted my friends on social media and message boards. I want to reach out to the larger world though. The podcast is freeform (inspired by WFMU, John Peel, Henry Rollins) but so far has had a general focus of avant-garde and "new music" (inspired in part by John Schaefer's New Sounds). Are there sites/communities where I can let people know I exist without making it seem like spamming?
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This is what Projects is for!
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Response by poster: Duly noted -- I just posted something over there.
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Google ads-- they usually have a promotional deal so you can buy some ads in relevant sites for cheap-- probably under $50.

If there are similar podcasts, ask for a little cross-promotion.
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Best answer: Multiple distribution points (iTunes, YouTube, your own site).
Have your own site and blog about each entry. Include links to bands you're playing and other podcasts you mention (this may get their attention and some return mentions).
Try to do interviews with people who have an audience (they'll mention the interview and you get exposure).
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Another thing to do is look for a "ring" of websites that all talk about the same thing, and they cross-promote each other. If there is not an established ring for your topics, then you might google around to see if there are other websites/podcasts that talk about the same bands or the same genre of music. Contact those guys and ask if you can write an article for their site and/or put a link to your site on their site.
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Explicitly encourage people who like your podcast to spread the word on social media. I've already posted about it on twitter and facebook!

Send a note and link to John Shaefer, Ken Goldsmith, Vicki Bennett, David Garland, or other such notables. Ergo Phizmiz is active and friendly on twitter.
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Oh, and to your favorite wfmu djs!
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