Recreate Google's "Share in Reader" bookmarklet
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I want this: 1) highlight portion of any website, including embedded youtube, images, text, what have you. 2) click bookmarklet. Optional step 3) a new window pops up, allowing me to add a note. 4) a subscribeable RSS feed receives a new entry, whose title is a link back to the website in step one, and whose body is the highlighted portion from step one as well as my note. 5) share RSS with friends. Does it exist?

Back in the day, my favorite thing about Google Reader was the creativity with which people shared links using the "Note in Reader" bookmarklet. Then Google went and made Google+, abandoning the social aspect of reader. Now a bunch of former reader users have gathered at, which is only missing the "note in reader" functionality that Google took away. While its creators work on scaleability and stability, this seems like a useful temporary solution, if it exists.
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You can do this with and it's various extensions.
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You seem to be making, from my perspective, a bit of an unexplained magical jump to the RSS feed here. Are you specifically trying to avoid the more obvious options? Because you're basically describing common behavior for CMS bookmarklets. WordPress will do this(that's at the hosted version docs, but it's the same for self-installed), so will Tumblr, etc. and they in turn can all publish a syndication feed. As a bonus, you get a site for anybody who doesn't want/use a feedreader. Just throw a basic template at it.
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I think Diigo does this, though I'm not sure about the RSS feed. Seems that you can send it to your own blog.
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The Blogger (Google) Blog This! bookmarklet does this. There's also a Chrome extension. Both add the content to your Blogger (Google) blog of choice. Your friends can then subscribe to that blog's RSS feed.
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Yep, just came here to ditto Pinboard.
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Response by poster: two endorsements were enough for me to register for pinboard. let's see how useful that is. the tumblr solution seems to be good enough for now.

thanks everyone!
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