New Yorker Article Where Older Writer Mourns Drowned Younger Wife
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Within the past 4 years, I read an article in the New Yorker written by an older writer who had recently lost his younger wife. Where can I find this?

It was a very moving piece. I think she died because of spinal injuries she received after being sucked into the surf, so it may not be accurate to say that she drowned. I'm sure that this article is RIGHT UNDER MY NOSE, but all of the terms I'm using to find it are just too vague.

Bonus question: Where else could I have asked this question other than askme? Seems like there may be a more appropriate forum out there somewhere.
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Best answer: I think you are thinking of the book "Say her name" by Francisco Goldman, an excerpt of which was published in the New Yorker.

I cannot think of a better forum than The Green.
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Response by poster: Correct! Thanks!
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You're welcome! I got the book after reading that New Yorker article myself. It's some powerful stuff.
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Is there any way to read that story without subscribing?
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Msali, thanks for mentioning the book--it's now been added to my reading list. I really enjoyed the article, but didn't realize it was an excerpt at the time.
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There is another excerpt from the book here.
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