Who makes similar music to Scarlett and Gunnar on Nashville?
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My wife and I have been watching the TV show Nashville and we love the songs Scarlett and Gunnar do together (YouTube example). Specifically, the sound of Scarlett's voice. We know they released the songs from the show, but we are longing for more songs with a similar sound.
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Me too--I look forward to seeing responses on this!

In my opinion you should definitely check out the Chapin Sisters if you haven't already. And have you heard the Alison Krauss and Robert Plant album from a few years ago? I don't think either of these are perfect fits for your question but I highly suspect you'd appreciate what I consider to be similar harmonies and sound.
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Her voice reminded me a bit of the singer from Honey Honey.
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I think The Civil Wars sound very much like this.
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While I don't have a specific music recommendation, you could start a Pandora station with the songs from Nashville that you really like. As you continue to refine the preferences, you will probably end up with an amazing station.
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I think I read in some interview that The Civil Wars actually wrote "If I Didn't Know Better," so yeah, they're probably the best place to start.

You might also like some of First Aid Kit's stuff.
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Innocence Mission has a very similar vibe, and the singer's voice has that similar breathy, girly quality. They were a popular alt/indie band that's mostly been forgotten about (hey-day was the late 90s/early 00s) but they're still releasing albums. Last release was in 2010. Karen Peris, the lead singer, released an album in 2012.

There's also The Weepies, but they're more well-known. Liz Longley is a solo act, but has a similar voice. Abigail Washburn has a similar voice and does some c-r-a-z-y amazing stuff with banjos (and Chinese!). It's a little more folky than the stuff on Nashville, but you never know. Emiliana Torrini is similar. You might like The Greencards too. I can imagine Scarlett singing Kathleen Edward's songs.

And Findlay Brown is a fella, and English, but his songs sound to me like they'd fit right into the show.
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Some songs by Gillian Welch have appeared on the show so you might check her out.
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