This book! Book of my youth!
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I have vague memories of two fantasy/scifi novels I read back when I was a child in the early-mid 90s, and I wish to seek them out again on the basis of these memories. But I can't remember enough to be able to find them. Help me?

Book 1: This read like some sort of tribal myth fiction, in prose form. I only remember three things about this book: first, it starred a youth named Torak; second, at some point a horse with a really long name is involved; third, it's not the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series, because I read it long before 2004. Everything I search for related to "Torak" is either Eddings or Paver, and neither of those are right, but I'm about 99% sure that was the name of the main character, because I was an Eddings fan from a young age and the name struck me as odd.

Book 2: This was a science-fiction thing my dad had somewhere. Some guy goes around different universes, is kept by a woman and in one scene explains to her that she has essentially introduced prostitution into her world, and the last line of it was something like "You got any dragons that need slaying?". This is ... all I know. It sounds trashy and it probably was trashy, but my lack of memory is really digging at me on this. Given when my dad was assembling his scifi collection, this probably dates back to the 70s or earlier. Possibly it was a Zelazny?
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I am pretty sure Book 2 is Glory Road by Heinlein.
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Dang, GenjiandProust beat me to it: yep, Glory Road for book #2.
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could it be something by Richard S. Tuttle, his forgotten legacy series perhaps?
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Nothing to do with Turok?
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could it be something by Richard S. Tuttle, his forgotten legacy series perhaps?

Nah, 2001 is way too late of a publication date.
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The Legend of Tarik?
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I never read the book but it stuck in my memory - it was the first book I ever saw with my name on it and they spelled it wrong.
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