Ship crystal from Las Vegas to Seattle
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I need to ship 36 Waterford crystal wine glasses from Las Vegas to Seattle and would like for them to arrive in no more than 36 pieces. Any ideas about how to do this? Willing to take them somewhere to get packed properly but am not that familiar with Las Vegas.
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A glass pack kit is available from UHaul or other shipping suppliers.
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Consider a fine art shipper. Just Googled up a couple in LV: Craters & Freighters, Global Art Transport, Navis Pack and Ship. Also, insure it.
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Would shipping them via a normal provider with insurance on the shipment such that their breakage would be covered count as a valid answer to your question?

I'd say if there is no sentimental value, it's a fair option. Otherwise not I suppose.
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The advice that is always given when shipping delicate musical instruments is this: Pack them tightly in bubble wrap (although with glass maybe not super tight). make sure there is a bubble wrap buffer of at least 2 inches between the outside of your box and whatever is inside it. Then, take that box, wrap it inside 2 inches of bubble wrap, and put that inside another box. This way, the outer box is there to hold and protect against the elements, but if there is a sudden impact or puncture, you've got a few inches of bubble wrap until the next box, which will help to distribute any impact so that nothing gets broken.

There may be a better way to ship glass, but the box within a box method is very reliable and safe.
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I wouldn't recommend packing them yourself. A lot of shippers (I know UPS does this) say that if your packing was "inadequate", the insurance won't reimburse your for damage - and they determine if your packing was adequate. Your best bet will be to take them to a shipper and pay them to pack and ship the glasses.
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Get some similar but cheaper glasses. Pack them the same way you intend to pack the good ones. Drop the package From an 8 foot height onto concrete. Repeat three more times, have them land on a different side each time. If they survive then it is likely they are adequately packed. 'nthing double box method.
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If you want extra protection, take one of the glasses to a DIY store, buy pipe insulation that the glass will fit snugly into and buy PVC water pipe that the insulated glass will fit into, then cut the pipe and insulation (with a metal cutting saw and scissors, respectfully) in such pieces as will allow you to fit everything into a box. Nothing short of a falling piano will crush this.
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