Who makes the best pecan pie in the Phoenix area?
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I'll be getting married in Phoenix in March, and in addition to the cakes (which will be made by Karsh's Bakery), my fiancée would like to have pecan pie at the wedding. But Karsh's doesn't do pie, and we'd like to collect some suggestions for where to get really good pecan pie in the Phoenix, Arizona area.
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When it comes to pie in this area, I think there's really only one answer: Rock Springs Café in Black Canyon City. Granted, it's a little bit of a hike, but they do deliver. I've made a point of stopping there on the way home from many a ride into the mountains, as the perfect way to cap off a day.

I'm not personally a fan of pecan pie, but their Jack Daniels Pecan Pie gets rave reviews (they also offer the regular kind).

I have read that their quality has gone down since the original owners, but while I can't speak to their prior greatness, I've never been disappointed.
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Response by poster: My fiancée has tried the Jack Daniels pecan pie at the Rock Springs Café, and she liked it a lot, but she wasn't so fond of the alcohol aftertaste. Has anyone tried the non-Jack-Daniels version? Is it just as good?
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I was going to mention Rock Springs, but closer to home, stop by Texaz Grill, and give a slice of their pie a try.
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According to the New Times Best of Phoenix awards for 2012, the New York West Pastry and Bake Shop in Sun City is the winner in the Best Bakery category. I haven't been there myself - but after visiting their website, I think I might swing by there this weekend. Congrats on your upcoming nuptials!
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ErWenn, shall I try the bakery on Broadway?

You know, for science!
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Response by poster: Not sure which bakery you're referring to, but science never needs to be justified, so feel free to try out the pecan pie wherever you want and report back to me.
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