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The girl and I are thinking about a couple of day vacation based out of NYC over MLK weekend, any thoughts?

We live in NYC but will possibly be in NJ on Fri/Sat of MLK weekend so we'd likely leave from there. May have a car, but may not. Something within a few hours that's relaxing is what we're looking for. A mix of city/nature are the extended weekends we've enjoyed previously. We've flown to Burlington, VT for the mix of food/drink/biking/outdoors stuff during the winter which was fun and would definitely do something similar again. Not necessarily looking to doing skiing or anything, but outdoors is fine. Maybe a smallish town with with good coffee, some fun outdoors stuff, and good food? We've been to Baltimore, DC, Philly, Boston, Providence, Beacon and some other cities so more obscure towns are probably better.

Thanks all!
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Sounds like you'd enjoy going out to Hudson, NY.
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It sounds cliche and tacky as shit when someone suggests it, but Woodstock is really not bad. It is do-able without a car - the bus from Port Authority lets you off right smack in the center of town. Here are all the airbnb spaces open that weekend. You've got a hike up Overlook Mountain as one outdoors option, or hiking at the Comeau Resevoir as another.

Seconding Hudson, NY - a Facebook friend used to live in Woodstock and now lives in Hudson and every fifth Facebook update he posts these days is about the awesome bands they get there in town.
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Not to pile on about Hudson, but it really is quite nice. A visit to nearby Olana is highly recommended -- one of the best tours of all the Hudson Valley estate homes.
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Portsmouth, NH. Tons to do, great food, breweries, arts/live music, outdoor stuff nearby. WikiTravel.
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There's plenty to do in Cooperstown, aside from the obvious. Ommegang Brewery just outside of town (which is part of the Beverage Trail), and the Farmer's Museum, for starters. Tons of B&Bs and such.

Nearby Sharon Springs also has much worth exploring, both for the spa buildings still-existing, and for the ruins of the rest.
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Yeah, Husbunny and I stayed in Oneida, caught a show and gambled at the casino, then we drove to Cooperstown to check it out. Really enjoyed the town. The Hall of Fame, the little book shops, etc.

But you need a car.
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