Morning motivation? Websites?
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Hi all, Does anyone have any favorite websites they go to when they need a "pick-me-up" or some confidence? I tend to get stressed before leaving for work in the morning and I think a little motivational reading might help.

I have read books like Zig Ziglar and Brian Tracy but I was hoping to find something that I could read in a 10-15 min. snippet. If you have a routine or something you do I'd be glad to hear that also.

Thanks in advance!
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Aww. Hard to stress when seeing stuff like this.
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How about following some motivational people on Twitter and checking their latest tweets before work?
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Tiny Buddha
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Daily Zen never disappoints me.
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TED Talks are perfect for this! I put them on in the background while I'm getting ready.
1. The content matter is usually inspiring and interesting. I.e. hearing someone talk about the importance of vulnerability will help you think about what that concept means to you.
2. Hearing someone confident, knowledgeable and articulate speak helps me feel more confident. Humans are natural imitators so you're bound to pick up on something.
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Thanks for the suggestions thus far. I've bookmarked most of these! I have heard about the TED talks but never looked into them until now.
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