Where can I find a good family tree template online?
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I want to create a family tree that includes my grandparents, my parents and their siblings, and all their children (my cousins), and finally my siblings children. If possible I'd also like to include everyone's spouses as well. Ideally I want to be able to include photos, and contact information for each of them. I could certainly try to create this myself but realized someone else has probably done the same thing so I'm hoping I can spare myself the extra work. Can anyone help me with this request?
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I like Family Echo, personally.
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I've used Geni. You can certainly add photos and contact info, a bit of a narrative, etc. It will generate a timeline of events for each person if you have dates (birth, marriage, employment, and so on).
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You might also try the Martha Stewart site - they've done some arty ones in the past
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