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My fiance and I are getting married this October. We have a church and reception site, but are looking for recommendations on catering and photography for a small wedding (150 people) in Wauwatosa (near Milwaukee) WI. If you have had a negative experience, I would appreciate hearing about that as well. Thank you!!
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We used Lee John's Catering for our wedding three years ago and LOVED them. People still talk about the food. We had stations and Lee John's was very accommodating to what we were looking for.

Can't really help on the photographer - we used a friend. If you need help let me know and I can ask around.
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I do some weddings on occasion, but I'm not nearly as good at it as Kat Schleicher is.
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Our wedding (and engagement) photographer was Heather Cook Elliott. She was very friendly, very professional, and the photos turned out great. Can't help you with the catering; we had our wedding at The American Club.
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I second Lee John's catering. Used them for my wedding and everybody thought the food was great. Also, my wife is a wedding photographer, and I sent contact info to your memail.
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My good friends Simon and Jake run Valo Photography and produce awesome wedding photos. They're also a lot of fun. I've worked with them on both wedding and commercial photo shoots and they always get high praises.
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A couple good friends of mine got married last fall and their wedding was catered by Butcher,Baker, a new catering company by the former chefs from Roots restaurant. It was probably the best meal I've ever had at a catered event.
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Seconding Kat Schleicher/Ellagraph for photography, she's amazing!

And Ball & Biscuit Catering are tops in my book. (Disclosure: They're friends of mine, but only became so after I knew and loved their food.)
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my very good friend, Derek Montgomery, is a wedding photographer. He is based in duluth, but hails from Wisconsin, so he does a fair amount of WI weddings.
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It would help to have some idea of your budget.

Amelia John. Madison-based. I assisted Jennifer and Andrew (wife/husband team) with a non-wedding project last year. They make whimsical sweet photographs, love them.

Beautiful Portraits, also Madison-based. Michael wins awards, and he also teaches portraiture at MATC. His images are dreamy and dramatic.

Have more suggestions if you're still looking after you've explored all these terrific thread links.
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