How to make layered music videos?
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What software do you use to make layered music videos as simple as this, or more complex like this?

Preferably looking for free software, but the cheaper/easier the better.
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another example of the complex with a little side of douchebag
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According to this article, the guy who made these videos did it with an old copy of Sony's "Vegas Pro" and junky old laptop.
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iMovie on the Mac, Vegas Pro on Windows, should do the job. But really, this is just four videos on top of each other---just about any free video editing program should do it.
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check out my question that I asked a while back :

As user Fake answered:

You can do this in Premiere. Load all four clips onto the timeline, each onto its own video track. Scale each one to 25% size. Position them (one into each corner) using the transform controls or your monitor window.
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I think I was looking for the work track, instead of layer.

Found this video

"important to do a signal which can be seen and heard to line up video" Listen to the audio clip in headphones while signaling in 2+ tracks

Is their any software that auto completes this signal / lines up video for you?
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