Restaurant in Brooklyn for Seven
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We need a restaurant in Brooklyn in the Downtown/Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens area that will take a reservation for 7 people for brunch this Saturday and has vegan options (but preferably not all-vegan.)

Basically I did not realize that Buttermilk Channel requires you to reserve for Saturday brunch a week in advance (srsly?) It is for a v. low-key/casual birthday, so nice but not necessarily nice-nice.

NB: Williamsburg, Bushwick and Greenpoint are non-starters because they are a huge pain in the ass for a few people to get to.
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I took my office party one year to Heights Cafe in Brooklyn Heights one year. Very cozy but plenty of room for larger groups (they had large booths, tables that can go together/etc).

There is on-street parking and it is close to downtown subway stops.
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I'm realizing most of the places I know have a terrible selection for vegans. These are the ones I thought might have workable options:

Apartment 138
Building on Bond
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Maybe Karloff?
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Or Henry Public?
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Last one: Bocca Lupo?
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Maybe Clover Club? I don't think they have exceptionally interesting vegan choices, but they have a couple of options.
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You could try Frankie's 457. Not super brunchy, but they opEn at 11 on Sat and Sun.

Alas, my favorite brunch spot in that hood used to be Miriam, which closed their Carroll Gardens outpost years ago. They still have one in Park Slope, though.
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No. 7
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