Quick and easy recipes with calorie information
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Okay, I'm looking for websites or books that have recipes that are 20-30 minutes and have calorie information. I found a lot of quick recipe books but they often don't have calorie information. Looking for recommendations.
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"The Food You Crave" and "So Easy" by Ellie Krieger are two of my favorites that have nutritional info. Everything I've made from these have been great! They were both available at my library, so they may be popular enough to be in yours as well. I've made her meatloaf, turkey chili, and chicken salad sandwiches from there, and they are 30 minutes or less (without cook time for the meatloaf and chili).
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EatingWell's magazine, website and books have calorie info, but I don't think they have a book specifically for 20-30 minute meals (their "Healthy in a Hurry" book is all recipes that are 45 minutes or less). They do have some recipe collections on their site that might fit the bill, though, such as this one or this one.

You can browse more categories under the "Quick and Healthy" column on this page.
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I find a lot of EatingWell's recipes to require more ingredients/more expensive/fancy ingredients than I like to use for my daily cooking. I've had really good luck with Cooking Light. They have a great section on quick recipes and they have some quick recipe cookbooks.
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Rocco di Spirito's are pretty good.
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Best answer: I really like this book. It's called "Everyday Food: Light: The Quickest and Easiest Recipes All Under 500 Calories" by Martha Stewart Living Magazine.

The recipes that are featured in this book are quite flavourful. The pictures are colourful and the calories are listed in a large font. The recipes are also portioned out for 4 person servings which is great because you can freeze a lot of the food for later on during the week.
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You can also type in your favorite recipes in something like SparkRecipes and it will create a nutritional chart for you. I've never used it to find recipes so I can't say whether it is good for discovering new things. I just use it to find out nutritional info on things I already eat.

Tanizaki you beat me to it!
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Reader's Digest 30-Minute Cookbook. Easy, quick and gives you calories, carbs, protein, fat (incl. saturated) and what vitamins the meal has.

The Italian Diet - Gino D'Acampo. Not all of these are quick, but they are generally easy, and some are very quick. They're also healthy. Gives calories, fat, saturates, sugars, salt for each meal. Really, really tasty, I've liked every recipe I've cooked from this.
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The recipe section on drgourmet.com has calorie counts, but not all the recipes are quick. Definitely some good & healthy recipes there though.
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BBC Good Food lets you sort recipes by calorie range and cooking times.
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www.skinnytaste.com is one of my favorites. she has WW points but also calories. everything i have made from her website is delicious!
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