Non-profit job listing websites?
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I freelance and a long-term contract with a client is coming to an end. I'd really like to replace this client by doing some work with a non-profit. Of course, there are a a couple of (hopefully surmountable) specifics inside.

I specialize in content and community management for businesses. I really want to work with a non-profit and, in particular, one that focuses on LGBT issues (support, activism, policy change, whatever). I am, however, open to working with just about any type of non-profit. My only requirement is that it be a telecommuting arrangement, though I'm open to some travel. (A full-time office job would mean dumping my other clients and a ending a successful freelance career it's taken me a long time to build.)

I signed up with a fee-based website a few weeks ago that lists only telecommuting jobs but so far, nothing. Sites like Guru and eLance haven't been helpful either. Does anyone know of any non-profit-oriented job sites where I might find listings for organizations looking for some freelance help? Most of the ones I've been able to find look a little sketchy.
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What country do you live in?
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Response by poster: I'm in the US.
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At least in my experience, these types of jobs are filled almost exclusively through networking. Do you know any people involved in the LGBT-oriented non-profit world? I would start there. If not, you might start volunteering for local non-profits(by doing other things) and finding out if they need help with content and community management.
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If you subscribe to the enewsletter from this blog, every Friday you'll get a list of nonprofit jobs, and occasionally there are telecommuting jobs. Try Idealist as well.
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Oh, and used to have communications-related telecommuting positions -- haven't looked at their site in a while, though.
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It's not an explicit listing scheme but joining the NTEN mailing list for your area and rubbing those elbows would be a good strategy as well.
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I second Idealist, and also recommend Opportunity Knocks for general non-profit job searching.
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This is what I do in the non-profit sector. A few things:

- AFAIK, There are no boards specifically for this type of work in the NPO sector or for telecommuting jobs in the NPO sector. For telecommuting, I would suggest applying for jobs with national organizations (who often employ telecommuters) and addressing the telecommuting issue in the job interview/offer process.

- To be clear, you're looking for a client, not a full-fledged job? This is actually probably going to be tough without nonprofit experience/contacts, for two reasons. 1. people looking for contractors will typically hire someone they know and 2. there's a bit of a learning curve when going from business digital strategy to nonprofit. I'm not saying this to be discouraging, but just to suggest that you may need to invest some time into making the contacts and building the skills. Alternatively, if you're already involved in the LGBT activist/nonprofit community in your area, then work those connections.

- The New Organizing Institute google group is probably the best place to find new media jobs specifically. You'll also want to join Progressive Exchange, which is a listserve - it's primarily a place for people to exchange ideas, share resources and ask questions, but there are also jobs posted there.

- If this is something you're interested in doing over the long term, I would also suggest doing one of the New Organizing Institute's trainings. You'll learn a lot about how nonprofits approach new media and will meet interesting people. If you can swing it, there are also a lot of good conferences to attend: NOI's Rootscamp, Netroots Nation, NTEN, SXSW Interactive ... All of those are frequented by nonprofit/progressive new media types. There also may be local versions where you live.

Feel free to memail me if you have any questions about this field.
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Eek, just realized I answered a bunch of questions you didn't even ask. Oh well, hope it was helpful anyway!
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