My high heels are talking
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LyricsFilter: slow grindy strip tune, burlesque style, female voice, contemporary rather than vintage.

The song starts with
"my high heels are talking
they're saying tick tock
i never ever
like to watch the clock

tick tock tick tock
tick tick tick tock...."

It was burnt from an unmarked copy in Astralia, without the title or the singer's name. A friend would like to use it in a show, and so needs clearance with the publisher, does anybody know what it is?
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Sounds a little like this song?
posted by extrabox at 9:13 PM on August 28, 2005

No luck with those lyrics. Any chance you could post a sample — with a view to identifying the singer from her voice (assuming she's Australian).
posted by tellurian at 9:36 PM on August 28, 2005

Sounds sorta like this Moloko song. How sure are you about your lyrics?
posted by fleacircus at 9:44 PM on August 28, 2005

The lyrics are exact. They're very likely not indexed in any major search engine, I've looked for quite a while... It's more of a longshot in case any MeFite happens to frequent cabaret singers :)
I'll try to post a sample, tellurian, but the singer may or may not be Australian - she doesn't have any accent.
Thanks all!
posted by Spanner Nic at 5:35 AM on August 29, 2005

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