Things Girls Don't Understand About My Drunk Kitchen
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Recommend other Youtube channels/artists, now that Jenna Marbles and My Drunk Kitchen are annoying?

I used to be a huge Jenna Marbles fan; I found her hilarious and insightful. I also loved the similar comedy of Hannah Hart's My Drunk Kitchen.

However, I find these channels increasingly irritating. I think Jenna lost me when she started including the boyfriend, which is never a good sign. MDK went from Hanna in her kitchen to a 'cast of 1000s' when it comes to special guests and cameos (plus her MyHarto channel takes itself way too seriously). Also, both Hannah and Jenna seem to be part of a YouTube clique with people like Daily Grace, etc.

Anyway, I really miss the 'funny/interesting chick' element to my YouTube subscriptions and would love some recommendations. I seem to go in phases when it comes to YouTube - I'm past Michelle Phan and JuicyStar and only half pay attention to BubsBeauty.

I've pretty eclectic tastes, what I love at the moment are Epic Mealtime, Sorted Food, Daily Mix, Paul Soars Jnr, Red Letter Media, TED,, The Japan Channel and a few others. I'm not into the so-called 'talking heads' Youtubers. I wish Jane from The Hairpin was on YT.

Stand-up, cooking, let's plays (esp. Minecraft), intellectual, make-up - please, recommend away!
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I'm pretty fond of Laci Green if you like cool ladies talking real about sex and stuff.
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Perhaps Issa Rae?
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I'm quite fond of Nineteen Percent, Clyde Valentine, and MaryB.
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She doesn't update as often as she used to, but I freaking LOVE k80blog.
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Comic Book Girl 19 might be what you're looking for if you're into sci-fi and comics.
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The Pintester's Cocknails is pretty fun, although there are only a few episodes.
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Yeah, I think Jenna lost a lot of her spark after she moved from Boston to Santa Monica.

I don't watch Gloria Shuri Nava that often, but when I do, I get sucked into video after video with smiles and giggles. She's relateable in a "could be anyone's funny friend" way, does a lot of silly makeup tutorials, with a heavy dose of pop culture if that's your thing, yet keeps it personal and open. She has two channels - glowpinkstah and a second personal one, though she seems to use the two accounts pretty interchangeably.

Also seconding Issa Rae!
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You might enjoy Natalie Tran aka CommunityChannel.
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I have no idea if this woman is famous or infamous or what GloZell....but someone once linked to her cinnamon challenge, and I've been charmed ever since.

It's not exactly erudite, but I think she's fabbo. Whoever she is.
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