Cool things to do with my virtual machine?
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I've just signed up for a virtual server, and I'm looking for ideas of fun things to use it for.

I'm intending to run a web server, an instance of OwnCloud and a PyScrabble server from it. Is there anything else I should consider?
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You can run a Shoutcast server and DJ to your friends.
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Minecraft server!
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Oh, you can run your own instance of Wordpress!
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Two things I think are very useful:

1. Create a VPN you can use at public wifi hotspots or on your smartphone
2. Set up a shared folder on the VPS you can mount directly as a drive or folder on your Windows/Mac/Linux computer
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YMMV but I've found it significantly faster to download large files from the net onto my VPS, then download it from there to my local machine. It's much easier to saturate your bandwidth that way.
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Use it for backups! Assuming you're not already running your own email server, you can use OfflineIMAP or Gmvault to keep your mail safe, and independent from your email provider.

If you like word games, you can also host a collaborative crossword server (sort-of self-link).
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