I need a quiet place in mid-town NYC to have a phone interview.
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I got the interview! But I don't have a private area at my current job to take the phone call. Can anyone recommend somewhere within a 10-minute walk from 39th Street at 8th Ave where I could count on quiet and good cell phone reception? I'd be willing to pay for it if I have to, though not what a Times Square hotel room would cost.
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Try the Marriott Marquis. There are typically telephone areas near the conference rooms, ballrooms.

I always have had good luck with hotels for this sort of thing. No need to rent a room, just find a nice, comfy corner.

Good luck!
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I came in here to say Marriott or another hotel. There are tons of quiet places you could sneak off into for a bit.
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The Starbucks on the corner of 39th and 8th Ave has a second floor that is usually quiet and empty.
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Coworking spaces are a rough match to what you're looking for.

New Work City is good, but may be outside the 10-minute radius. Perhaps you could negotiate a one-day pass with Grind on Park and 29th? I found their space clean and bright when I went there for a weekend event, and they have several telephone booths and conference rooms. Failing that, I'd look for other coworking spaces where I could reserve a room or booth.
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Yeah, if you head upstairs at the Marriott Marquis, there are about eight floors of lobbies that are carpeted and quiet enough. You can probably find a corner there and hunker down with your phone. There's a Hilton Hotel on 41st between 8th and 7th avenues that has a nice lobby area with lots of big couches and a bar. You have to take an elevator to get up to the lobby, but that's partly why its nice and quiet.
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Thanks, hive mind!
(I can't believe I didn't think of that myself...)
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I work in midtown, a few avenues away from you. I can provide you with a empty conference room if you want. Message me.
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