Looking for some awesome Tumblrs
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Looking for some awesome, personal Tumblrs that are fun to read

I've gotten into Tumblr lately (yes, very late to the party here) and, while I love the cats and the animals talking in all caps, etc. I've been really enjoying the ones I can find that have a bit more substance to them, like The Great Mayhaps. It seems like lately my feed has turned totally into animated gifs or fitspo or inspirational posters and I'm not against those things, but I'm looking for some personal stuff to spice things up a bit. Any suggestions?
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What are you looking for exactly? Great curation or original content? I find that tumblr is way better for the former than the latter. That said, the music blog One Week One Band is great. And a great list of mefites with tumblrs is available here.
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The Frenemy is really fun.
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Response by poster: The lists above look promising, but both great curation and original content would be enjoyed.
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I can't say I have any tumblrs to give, but just remember that these awesome tumblrs fairly often draw their good shit from other awesome tumblrs. Don't forget to follow the links. Or your heart. Either one should lead you to neat things.
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