I can't find a great article I read online about Prince.
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Some time ago - it was several years ago - I read an article online about Prince. It was a piece written by a person (a man, I'm pretty sure) who - I think - was trying to make a film or documentary about him.

The main bits that stand out in my mind are that he was invited to Paisley Park - more than once, I think - expecting to be able to interview Prince, but it turned out that lots of other people were there too, and Prince was conducting some sort of strange group sessions.

I think there was a time where the writer was waiting with loaded cameras at Paisley Park, and Prince kept him waiting and waiting and then something unexpected happened...

There was also plenty of reference to safes full of unreleased videos etc.

No combination of keywords is turning this upon on the GOOG. Can anyone help? Thanks so much!
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Best answer: I know that Kevin Smith talks about filming an unreleased documentary at Paisley Park in one of his "Evening with Kevin Smith" shows. If that's not what you're thinking of, maybe it's one of the other projects listed on this page.
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Best answer: This sounds a lot like the Kevin Smith story about Prince.
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Best answer: Seconding amarynth & hmo.
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Is it this article from Details in 1991? Your question immediately reminded me of an article I'd read as well and while I'm not entirely sure that this is it, it's pretty close.
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Response by poster: oh YOU PEOPLE (and Ask Metafilter) JUST ROCK.

It was entirely the Kevin Smith thing. Thanks so much amarynth, hmo, soundguy99, that's made me happy.

And yours looks interesting too, jeudi - will read!
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