Magicscan scanner software installation help?
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Anyone know why my installation process fails at the very end?

I'm hoping one of you might have some advice here. I'm running Mac OS 10.6. I'm trying to install Magicscan 6 to use with my Umax Powerlook 2100 xl large flatbed scanner. Every time I attempt to run the installer it installs all the way until there are 3 items remaining to install, then it freezes and becomes unresponsive and I have to force quit. The progress message reads "searching hard rive" . Once it got all the way down to 0 items left to install but still froze before completion.

The software is pretty crappy I think, I've had issues with Magicscan, but it should work. I had version 5.1 installed earlier today but finally trashed it because it wouldn't function properly, so now I have this updated version and can't install it. But I think the problem lies in my computer because even when I try to reinstall the older version again, 5. 1, from the install cd, the same thing happens- it freezes at the very end of installation.

Can anyone think of what might be preventing my computer from allowing this instalation? Until I fix it , I'm screwed- I'm an illustrator and I need to scan images for work. This is a 12.75 x 17.5 large format scanner, which cost about $1500 so I can't just go get another one. And it seems no other software works with Umax.
Thanks in advance.
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I don't know about the problem you're having, but as a backup plan, VueScan claims to support that scanner. There's a free demo you can download to see if it does. I have been using VueScan for many years with a whole bunch of different scanners. The interface isn't very pretty, but it has worked well with every scanner I've tried it with.
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Seconding Vuescan. I use it with my Coolscan 4000 a few times per month. Try the free demo because there are no refunds. (It's pretty much a one-man-show and the guy would rather only sell his software to people who can and know how to use it rather than deal with tons of customer service issues.)
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Thanks. I'd love to use Vuescan and I downloaded it but when I launch it nothing happens, won't preview or scan, it's unresponsive and very hard to quit.
It is meant to be compatible with Umax Powerlook 2100 xl, but hasn't been for me so far. Do you think I need a separate driver? Vuescan claims you don't need any other software to use it.
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Bummer. I've never installed a driver for VueScan, and I don't think it works with external drivers anyway. But to be honest I haven't really dug into that, because it's always worked right off the bat for me...
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The fact that Magicscan 5 wouldn't work and Magicscan 6 won't install properly AND VueScan misbehaves would make me suspect there's something wrong with the scanner itself. Can you return it as defective and get a replacement?
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First thing to do is probably run Disk Utility and repair permissions on your disk. Then run a scan and see if there are any issues. If so, you'll need to boot with the install disk to repair them.

Once you're sure your disk is okay, try running Image Capture. It's not very fancy, but it might at least tell you whether or not the scanner is communicating. As Lazlo Nibble indicates, this sounds like a hardware problem, probably when the installer tries to communicate with the scanner.

Along those lines, make sure your cables are good and plugged in all the way. Assuming this is USB, you probably have another cable around you can swap in. Also, try a different USB port on your Mac, the connectors can become damaged or wear out, especially if plugged and unplugged a lot.
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Thanks for the replies.

The latest assessment it this: Magicscan won't install ( it freezes at the last step of installation) and Vuescan quits when I try to preview an image ( Vuescan won't even launch unless my scanner is turned on- not sure what that means)

The USB cord is the first thing to check. I have run Disk Utility to repair permissions , no luck with that. I can try Image Capture.

I was wondering if it might be the OS? I was considering upgrading to OS 10.7 to see if that cleared it up. Maybe?

I really hope it's not the scanner itself. This thing is huge, 12.75" x17.5 " and weighs about 30 lbs. I wouldn't even know where to have it repaired .
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Update: The Vuescan guy, I emailed him, says his software wont work with this USB model UMAX scanner.

UMAX support says there are no drivers for this scanner for anything above Mac OS 10.5 ( even though I;d been using it with 10.6 before).

looks liek I have to get a new scanner.

The point is.. Don't buy a UMAX!
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