What is some good literature about living in a condo?
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Looking for good literature which features living in a condo.

I'm looking for books/short stories which feature life in a condominium. I'm sure there must be some out there. I tend to like absurd/comedic but "serious" literature is fine also. I'm really looking for stories in which the "condo life" is the subject.
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David Schickler's Kissing in Manhattan - Many of the characters live in a Manhattan building called the Preemption. Absurd/comedic situations galore.
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George Perec's Life: A User's Manual is all about life in a Parisian apartment building. And also both absurd an "serious".
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There are some scenes in Infinite Jest in condos, but then there are some 900+ pages that don't take place in condos, too.
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The answer is obvious: John D. MacDonald's Condominium. And so timely, too. Probably the TV movie is unavailable.

Oh, you wanted good literature?
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Fight Club partially took place in a condo. Heh.
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Independence Day by Richard Ford.
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High Rise by JG Ballard.
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Mrs. Ted Bliss, by Stanley Elkin, is about a widow living in a Miami condo.
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