I need a new vacuum.
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I need a slim battery vacuum that is great on floors AND carpet.

I need a new vacuum. We have one room of carpet and the rest is wood flooring. I don't want a big vacuum anymore. We only need the power for the carpet. I have an Electrolux Ergorapido and it's great for the floor. Love it. But it stinks on the carpet.
I bought a Dyson Slim 440 and it's great on the carpet but sucks on the floor! It won't pick up slightly larger things (slightly). Stuff that it really should. It's not $400 worth of vacuum.

I REALLY want a battery vac that does both and clearly I'm willing to spend the money. What should I get?
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It's not a battery vac, but I'm super happy with my Hoover Windtunnel series bagless vac. It's good on more than one type of carpet and bare floors. I chose it because it was similarly rated as the top picks on Consumer reports but at a much cheaper price.

I have a stick vac that I hated until I moved it and now use it for quick kitty litter clean ups.
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Best answer: The problem is that the motorized head on the DC44 has a pretty small slot behind the beater brush for dirt and stuff to get through. You could try the wide nozzle tool (shown in this video) instead, which has a nice big opening. What the picture and video don't show is that it can also attach to the end of the long tube on your DC44 and can be used on bare floors.
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Response by poster: zsazsa if that works I'm going to buy you a house. Thank you!!
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