How to safeguard my ring during weight loss
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Losing weight (over 225 to under 210) and I'd like to lose more. I already feel my wedding ring is loose. I don't want to lose it. I don't want to get it adjusted at a jeweler. 1. I don't really trust our local jeweler. 2. Looking more for a reversible option. The ideal answer would involve something like, "here's where you buy this great gadget that fits over your ring and it comes in various sizes. Thanks for your time.
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Ring Noodle
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Ring inserts, adjusters, guards.

The type you want will depend on your own comfort.
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I've heard clear nail polish does the trick as well.
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I just cut a little strip of athletic tape and put it inside the ring.
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procrastination: I just cut a little strip of athletic tape and put it inside the ring.

My wife has done this. you can even wrap a long, thin strip of tape around the base of the ring to make as thick a sizer as you need.

For what it's worth, I've lost 40 pounds in the last year or so, and while my ring has gotten quite loose (going from a struggle to get it off to it slips off easily) it has never accidentally come off. The little bunch of skin at the knuckle seems quite sufficient to keep it on. I'm sure this varies depending on your skin and your ring and etc., but I thought I'd mention it.
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You can buy ring guards at the jeweler rather than having them resize it. They usually have a couple of different kinds you can try on that fit inside the ring so it doesn't show as much.
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Band aid wrapped around the bottom part.
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Incidentally, those ring noodles are just clear plastic tubing cut to length with a slit down them. You could probably get an offcut from any automotive place/garage/store that would be exactly the same for free, or from a hospital/vet/medical supply place (they use it in drips and the like and would likely have masses of new stuff kicking around).

As log as you get the right ID and wall thickness they'd work fine.
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Being able to wear my actual ring was important to me too, but I put it away while losing weight and got a silver ring that fit in the meantime. I then rewarded myself with a pricey refitting after I'd reached my goal! I went from a size 10 to a size 7.5 ring, so kludges weren't really practical.
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I have one of the ring guards that is basically slit plastic tubing. It works very well. I inherited mine, but we saw an assortment pack at Wal-Mart for about $4. Might not need a trip to a specialty store.

Be warned that soap will get caught on the edges, be sure to rinse well after washing.

Also, the kind I have is *tough* plastic--tougher than your typical plastic tubing--which is good because I fidget with it a lot. If it wasn't tough, I would have torn it to pieces by now.
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The pet store I worked in sold plastic tubing for about 10 cents / foot as aquarium tubing.
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Buy a cheap ring that is sized appropriately to your finger and stack it above your wedding band.
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Wrapping a length of twine around the palm side of the ring worked for me until I was to a point where I was ready to get it resized.
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The ring noodle I bought was terribly bulky and seriously uncomfortable. (My ring can't be sized any smaller because of the design). I tried aquarium tubing and it was no better.

I wrap clear nylon beading thread around the underside of my ring and tie it off with a boating knot. There's no adhesive residue; it's pretty comfortable, and it's easy to remove or redo if necessary.
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I love the idea to use this opportunity as a prize, once you reach your goal to get your ring refitted.. but I'd be so worried about the ring coming loose and falling off. I'd wear the ring on a necklace around my neck as I work to reach the goal.
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When I was in high school, girls sometimes wore their boyfriend's class rings. (No, it wasn't 1954, either.) They would wrap embroidery floss around it on the palm side -- maybe half an inch wide, and however thick it needed to be to secure the ring.
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If it doesn't work out for you to have the extra thickness on the palm side of the ring, you can pick up a cheap plain band in your current size and wear it below the other ring.
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