Remove my knob!
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I'm trying to replace my exterior locking door knob, but I cannot get one 'half' off. There is a faceplate covering the screws on one side (the other side). I've tried looking for slots and notches based on google searching, but there is nothing, except some indentations that have no holes or anything that gives. I've used this hook-type item that comes with the new lock, but no idea how it works. Here's as good as pic I can get. It's a Weiser lock from late 90s probably.
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Best answer: Only one half should unscrew -- and it sounds like it does. Once you pull that side off you should be able to pull this side off too. If it's old it might be painted in or something and need some taps with a hammer to remove, but it only screws on one side (it screws into the side without screw holes).
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There are only screws on the "indoor" half of the knob -- otherwise anyone could gain access to the interior of the lock/door. You just need to pull the half that is still there out. You might (probably) have to remove the piece that actually latches into the doorframe first; this will have a pair of screws holding it in.
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Pry away the faceplate and look for a notch to press in with a small screw driver to release the outer knob.
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As others have stated, once you've removed the inner knob & undone the screws, the outer portion should be able to be removed. Sometimes it can get caught up in the mechanism that attaches to the catch, in which case pressing the catch inwards a little with your finger & wriggling the outer knob a little should free it.
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Remove Weiser door lock
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Have you removed the latch? There might be a catch in there that attempts to hold the outside knob from being pulled/pried out. The ones I've seen don't work that way, but it is a distinct possibility.

As far as I know, all of the little pins and notches that you might have to pop would always be on the inside. You don't want to expose anything like that on the outside for security purposes.
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Response by poster: Guess it was stuck-- just knocked a hammer through on the other side and it flew out! Thanks guys!
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