Erasing the Eternal Rug Crease
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So, the good news is that the beautiful Turkish area rug I bought in Turkey arrived safe and sound about three months ago. But it was neatly folded in half longways before it was rolled, and the center crease is still there, after plenty of walking on, vacuuming, and straightening of the rug. How do I get rid of the crease?
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Best answer: Bring it to your local Oriental carpet store and have it steamed and then rolled to bring back into the house. That's the most sure-fire way.
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I have a rug with the same problem - but I've had it for around a decade without any success in removing the crease; have tried grips, vacuuming, ironing, stomping, etc. pretty much as it sounds like you've already done, so I can categorically state that it won't get better magically over time! :)
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Steam. xingcat has good solution bringing it to expert, but I have see it done with one of those home dry cleaner steamer devices. When I say I have seen it done, I mean I spent way too much time doing it myself when our rug from Turkey arrived with a corner of about a foot bent in transit.
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