How to make Google Reader search return complete results?
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I subscribe to a lot of feeds via Google Reader. Whenever I use the search function, I get incomplete results, even if I narrow the search to only starred items, for example. How can I get Reader to show all items that match my search? I use Windows and Firefox.
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are you sure the results are incomplete? Mine seems to keep doing an ajax "load more" thing when I scroll to the bottom ad infinitum (well, to the extent that there are results).

If you mean how to get it to return those extra results without having to keep scrolling, I've no idea.
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Response by poster: Yes I'm sure I get incomplete results. For example, while browsing my starred items, I notice at least 10 items with the word "Apple" in the title but when I do a search I only get 3. In the upper right corner it says "Results: 3 for Apple". I did a google search about this issue and found some old posts (around 2007) saying others have this problem but I can't find a solution.
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ok I'm seeing it too. For science, I kept scrolling on a very common search term (the word "web") and it stopped showing results before even getting all the way back to 2011. So there seems to be some hard coded limit in addition to whatever you're running into. Also, I noticed some of the items not showing up on a more restricted search were for items from feeds which I was no longer subscribed to (starred items will apparently let you keep items like that around though).

Neither of which helps you, I suppose.
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