Looking for a website to plan a sports trip
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I'm looking for a website where I could select a date & US city and it would tell me if professional sports teams are playing locally on that date.

My friends and I are planning a sports trip in March. We would like to see hockey and basketball (as baseball and football will be off-season).

We are trying to find out which cities will have a basketball AND a hockey game during our vacations.
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Assuming you're looking at NHL, the Hockey schedule doesn't exist yet (the strike isn't even *officially* over), so for now your question is unanswerable.
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Response by poster: Of course I know that the NHL schedule is not out yet. But it's supposed to come out this week and this is precisely why I'd like to have a website to help us.
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Ah, OK cool. In that case, if you're willing to enter both a city & a date range, how about just using Ticketmaster. It doesn't seem to make nice URLs for searches, but hopefully here's a search for Sports events in Charlotte, NC from 3/15-3/18. I assume once NHL tickets are available they will be on there.
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