Where can I find this old pamphlet?
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I am looking for a copy of a 1938 pamphlet called "Gratitude" written by Dr. Harry L. James of Chicago. There was a copy on Ebay, but it's sold now. Any chance I could find another copy (or PDF) of this thing?

I would also be interested in any other pamphlets or works by Harry L. James. He had an innovative (for the time) method of treating epilepsy via mail. Might his pamphlets be listed in any research databases or is there some way that I could access them through a library database?
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Best answer: Well the place I would start would be something like Worldcat which has an entry for something similar (different date) but also says it's not in any libraries. Now the publisher, Western Medical Corporation, was also previously known as the Western Medical Association and they're discussed more in-depth in this book if you can find a copy of that. They were a somewhat contentious little outfit as you may have read and they now do business as this company in Illinois and you could call them.

However I think you'd have better luck with either your local medical library or these folks, though not that man specifically since he has since died.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone. Looks like interlibrary loan is my best bet.
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