Desperately Seeking Desperate Seekers
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Please help me find a personal ad site mentioned on AskMe within the past year.

My AskMe and Google searches are returning over 3000 responses for every keyword I try. I don't remember enough to narrow it down. Maybe it will ring a clearer bell for someone here.

Anyway, I believe the link was embedded in an answer to a very general question about where and how to meet new people. The site was not huge and I had never heard of it before. It was not one of the biggies (Nerve, Rhapsody, or Lavalife, etc.) It seemed to focus on quirky, indie types of people and was structured so that you could use it to meet people for activities and friendship as well as for potential dates. I can't be sure, but I seem to remember a pale blue background color to the main page. I do remember that just about everyone I saw when I browsed it seemed unusually interesting.

It'll be a shot in the dark, but AskMe has solved more intractable problems in the past.
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Best answer: Any chance it might've been OKCupid?
posted by NewGear at 8:28 AM on August 28, 2005

Perhaps it was consumating?
posted by defenestration at 8:42 AM on August 28, 2005

Response by poster: Geez, AskMe is amazing.

It was OKCupid. But if you know of others, feel free to post. I'm a newcomer where I live and dipping my toes into this way of meeting people.
posted by Miko at 9:16 AM on August 28, 2005

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