Beautiful funeral home in Toronto?
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Suggest a beautiful funeral home, and a separate location for a later memorial service, in Toronto?

I am helping a terminally ill friend's family plan a funeral, and later a memorial service.
Please suggest locations that are attractive, with an airy, beautiful atmosphere.
Natural wood, nice lighting, high ceilings, large windows, etc.... nature and light. Perhaps leaning towards a vintage aesthetic.
The family is non-religious, very artistic, and they love nature, so the vibe can be kind of bohemian and outdoorsy.
A lot of people will be in attendance- probably around 300.
Downtown Toronto, ideally not far from the Annex.

Please suggest Toronto funeral homes / memorial locations where you've felt comfortable?
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Wow, that question did not go over well.
I found a couple and will list them here for people who search later:

Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto - classic ornate dark wood, holds a lot of people comes with lovely Reverend Doctor Brent Hawkes, who marries many gay couples and who gave a gorgeous and affectionate service for Jack Layton.

Enoch Turner Schoolhouse is a nice space for a memorial.

My friend's family chose to hold a beautiful service at the big chapel in Mount Pleasant Visitation Centre. The space was very pretty- airy with big windows and wood. Also has overflow rooms where a feed of the service can be shown to large crowds. It was a nice space to use.
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I'm sorry for your loss.

The update is helpful.
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