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Is there someplace in the L.A. area that sells Albert Heijn's Yoghurtijs? Or somewhere I can order it?

Discovered yoghurtijs while on vacation in Bonaire, and I LOOOOOOOOVE it. Is there someplace in Los Angeles that sells it, or someplace online to order it (within reason-I can't pay hundreds in shipping). OR...does someone know of a product readily available in the U.S. that comes reasonably close to the fabulousness that is yoghurtijs?
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Is it like Pinkberry/Yogurtland/Red Mango but not soft-serve? A lot of ice cream brands make tart frozen yogurt... try a regular grocery store but also places like Whole Foods. There's also frozen kefir. Also Oasis in Highland Park sells scoops of frozen yogurt.

Final option: making ice cream/frozen yogurt is not difficult at all, and there are youtube videos showing how to make yoghurtijs specifically.
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Yoghurtijs is frozen yogurt, and bosvruchten are berries—usually raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries. Based on my experience with AH, I'd guess that their brand also includes a sugar-and-fruit-based syrup, to increase the sweetness.

You can make yoghurtijs yourself, as described here. Google Translate messes up the Dutch a bit—when it says "Put the ice in the late run according to the instructions" it means put the yogurt into your ice cream maker and run it according to its instructions.

The AH brand has 6.5 grams of fat and 31 grams of sugar per 100 grams of yoghurtijs, to give you an idea of what you're aiming for. You could start with a high-fat yogurt (like 10%), or you could use a lower-fat yogurt and add whipping cream.
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Not sure if you know this, and the previous comments haven't explicitly said this, but Albert Heijn is a Dutch-only supermarket chain/brand, so I think your odds of finding AH yoghurtijs in L.A. are effectively zero.
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The premium yoghurtijs in the Netherlands is Hertog. It's an Unilever brand, so you might find it in a Dutch shop in LA.
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Maybe call the Holland American store (website, Yelp) in Bellflower?

I couldn't find "yoghurtijs" on their website, but it doesn't appear to be a particularly robust search and you're probably better off calling them directly. I'd try other Dutch markets/specialty stores in LA as well.
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