Spoiler-free guide to the history behind The Tudors?
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Where do I find Nitpickers Guide to The Tudors? Or something like that.

I've recently been watching The Tudors, and just started the second season. I know the show takes all kinds of liberties with history, and I'd like to more about what is made up -- but without any spoilers. I know so little about that era that even hearing that Person X gets beheaded (as any fule kno) is too much.

Is there anywhere where I can go and read about the show -- not Tudor history in general, but this specific TV series -- one episode at a time? Something like:

Season 1, episode 5: The character Cardinal Jones is based on the real-life Cardinal Smith of France.
Season 1, episode 6: Horses weren't invented yet. Lady Edwina actually died of the plague, not a trampling.
Season 1, episode 7: The song "Greensleeves" was actually written by Thomas Schmoopy in 1576.

... where I wouldn't see notes on any specific episode until I wanted to.
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The Tudors Wiki does this by season (season 1 linked here). I could see where it might be really challenging to find it by episode, as plenty of things cross over from one episode to the next.
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Warning for anyone else interested in this: that page isn't completely spoiler-free, but it looks like they limit it to really basic historical facts that I should be embarrassed about not knowing anyway (e.g. "[redacted] was executed and [redacted] was married to [redacted]").
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