Reams and reams of paper
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In search of large scale scanning solutions in NYC to convert a ton of paper into PDFs.

Asking for my girlfriend. "As a recently ex-academic, I have a lot of paper--notes, copies of articles, etc. I'm not ready to get rid of it, but I don't want to store it anymore. My papers are sorted into folders and labeled. Some papers are hand written, some are printed notes, some are double sided, some are stapled. I want to be able to send it all off somewhere that will scan the contents of each folder separately and name each file with the name on the folder. The place would have to be willing to come pick up the documents from my house in Brooklyn. Does anybody know of a service like this in the vicinity of NYC?" Thanks.
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Response by poster: That's an interesting service and would be close to perfect, except it's in California. The cost of mailing all of this paper would be prohibitive. Anyone know of something similar in NYC? As a coincidental aside, Jessamyn is quoted in The Economist article on their website.
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The storage provider we use for our offsite files would do this. I'm having trouble with their Web site for some reason, but here's their number: 201/798-7100. Their name is Guarantee (GRM).
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I have a professional client who needed just such service and decided used an office worker for the job ( one of his staff ). It has taken many months but it was successful. A single person using a Fujitsu SnapScan ( about $500USD ) did about 30 years of documents and photos. Now they are all in PDF and JPG format on an office PC with a local backup. So maybe you could hire a person short-term to do it.
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Response by poster: Thanks, troywestfield and usermac. Will call GRM tomorrow and will also look on TaskRabbit to see if hiring somebody is doable. I'll report back.
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