Discontinued Garmin GPS unit
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Is there a current production Garmin GPS unit that is equivalent to the discontinued nuvi 265WT in terms of price and features?
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Can you be more specific about the price you're looking for? The 265WT went through several retail prices over its lifetime, like most consumer gadgets. Also, exactly which features are you looking for?
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I took a quick peek at the Garmin page for this model - be sure and check, but anything with blue tooth hands-free calling built in is likely to be/have:

- widescreen
- traffic (they often say "lifetime traffic," but I haven't seen a model yet where you pay for the traffic service; it's received over the FM radio band and paid for by ads. Also, only available in larger cities.
- lifetime maps (this feature is more of a differential; if you don't have it you generally get one map update at most and then you have to pay).

as well.

Based (again) on a quick glance, I'd say your best bet for something with these features that doesn't cost an arm and a leg is the nüvi® 2475LT. It lists for a bit less than $200, which is kind of the top of the bell curve on these gadgets.
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