Putting jelly on the Ritz
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What's the best possible cracker to support and complement homemade jalepeño jelly and cream cheese?

Right now I use Keebler Club Crackers (1st option) or plain Ritz (2nd choice). I love the buttery flavor of the Clubs, and appreciate the sturdy support of the Ritz. For myself, these usually suffice. However I am giving some jelly as a gift and so am exploring fancier options.

I have access to the usual supermarkets, as well as more niche stuff like Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Erewhon. I won't be ordering online this time, but if that's the only way to get 'em then I'll take your suggestions for that as well. Thanks!
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Without a doubt, Stoned Wheat Thins.
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I find the Carr's family of crackers to be both delicious AND classy.
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Look at While Foods for Raincoast Crisps. They are delicious in any variety!
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I'm a Wheat Thin advocate for this situation. For fancy, Carr's Water Crackers are always a good bet.
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Those Raincoast Crisps look like the sort of fanciful crackerish thing I was looking for. I will definitely sample a box of those.

I'm trying to stay away from the no-flavor and thin brittleness of Carr's and the like. They'll hold a square of cheese or meat, but don't stand up well to spreading cream cheese.
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I have always used Triscuits for my jalapeño jelly+cream cheese snacks. And those Raincoast Crisps are amazing as well. I've not tried them with jelly/cream cheese but the Cranberry Hazelnut ones with a years-aged gouda? Ridiculously good.
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Wheat thins makes a new, triangle shaped crisp that we used for our gallons of blue cheese, Gorgonzola dip we made for the holidays. Very good and looks nice. Several flavors too.
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Just to be clear the Stoned Wheat Thins I linked to above are not at all like the standard Nabisco"wheat thins" you usually find in the supermarket (though I think Red Oval Farms is also owned by Nabisco).
I don't find them bland, personally, but apparently many people do.
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Vicky Crackers
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Red Loop, that's the article I was reading as well.
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A simple homemade, like parmesan crisps? (Just because homemade is going to be tasty -- I'm not entirely sure that's the correct compliment to the jelly)

Plain is a good way to go; +1 Carr's Table Water or a cream cracker (like this). If it is a substantial amount of jelly and cream cheese I might go for the exciting presentation of a big tub of SkyFlakes; SkyFlakes are sort of like a premium Premium Plus, very tasty and rich saltines.

If I was shopping for myself to experiment with some jelly I was excited about I would probably buy the Carr's Entertainment Cracker Collection.
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Mary's Organic Crackers are gluten free and delicious. They are made from brown rice and quinoa and have a distinctive "nutty" flavour that goes well with mild cheese. Rainforest Crisps are also really good as mentioned above.
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Red Loop is right -- Stoned Wheat Thins are the ticket. I wouldn't say bland -- they're good by themselves -- but IMO you're not looking for something to compete with the pepper/cheese topping.
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but IMO you're not looking for something to compete with the pepper/cheese topping.

I am though! My favorite personal-use cracker for this, the Keebler Club, has a rich, buttery flavor that compliments (doesn't compete with) the jalepeno/cheese combo. A mouthful of cracking cardboard under these toppings is not what I'm looking for.
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I just made my own crackers for the first time, and they were a huge hit. If you're already giving homemade jelly, why not homemade crackers as well? The recipe I used is from the book "Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It," and can be found here.

Otherwise, a fancier Ritz/Keebler Club alternative available at Whole Foods is the Classic Rich Crackers from Late July. (Amazon link for reference.) The Late July products are surprisingly tasty, and having tried store brand alternatives from Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, I'm confident in saying they're noticeably more flavorful (and yes, buttery, rich, etc.).
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I don't mean to keep pressing the Carr's, but they actually have something that's not the water cracker --- I can't remember what it's called, but it's basically a Ritz, but bigger and fancier. Very buttery and dense.
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basically a Ritz, but bigger and fancier

Cheese Melts? Poppy and Sesame? Both delicious...

Now that you have established that you ARE looking to compete with the toppings: CheeseCrisps. "Huge 22-ounce bag of Cheddar & Asiago" FTW
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Carr's makes a water cracker with black pepper in it that is fabulous with cream cheese and pepper jelly. They have a definite heat which is different to and complements the pepper jelly burn. I have never had a problem spreading cream cheese on them, and actually find them less crumbly than buttery crackers like Ritz.
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My family always uses rice crackers for this combo. They complement the flavors nicely.
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Carr's as a light fancy cracker to include in a gift basket is perfect. Dipping into pepper jelly covered soft cream cheese with a fancy blue corn chip is also delicious.
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I just realized I usually get whipped cream cheese, which my be why I don't have the brittleness problems with water crackers that you describe. Just a thought!
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Vinta crackers are the best for damn near anything. Light and buttery, but structurally sound enough for dipping, plus very flavourful. We use them for pepper jelly and cream cheese, spinach dip, cheese plates, cream cheese/seafood sauce/diced peppers/mozza, or for anything else really.
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We go lowbrow here at our place in North Carolina and put our cream cheese and pepper jelly on Keebler Town House Flipsides. They're part pretzel, part delicious buttery cracker. Nothing fancy, but we love them at our house (when we keep junk food in the pantry).
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I'm going to sound completely plebian for this, but: ordinary Ritz crackers. They have just enough sweetness to complement, without overwhelming, the jelly & cheese.
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