iBooks - how to get them on to my hard drive?
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iBooks - how to get them on to my hard drive?

If I buy an iBook in iTunes is there an easy way to add it to my Calibre library? I have found plenty of instructions on how to add a book to iBooks from calibre (and already know how to do it) but I was wondering how do I take a book I buy on iTunes and add it to Calibre? And if I do, are there any problems or gremlins I should know about.
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Just dig around in your iTunes library under Music/Books and the original files should be in there.

There may be some variety of DRM attached to them, so you might have to find something to remove that to make them viewable outside of an iDevice.
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You iBooks are stored in your iTunes music library, in a folder called Books.

The short answer to your second question is no, it's not going to be easy. There is DRM attached. This post details a way of stripping it using Requiem, though you'll have to downgrade to iTunes 10.x.
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