Okay to wear scarf with hood?
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Can you wear a scarf with a hooded jacket or sweatshirt without looking like a jerk?
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Really though, I have no idea what you're referring to, I guess. If you're wearing a sweatshirt, it seems like you've already given up on being stylish, so you might as well be warm.
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Yes. Put the scarf on first and keep the trailing ends under the sweatshirt.
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I would say, very long knitted knobbly ends sprouting under your chin may be a little awkward, but something that's more felty and fuzzy and wrapped round and round is perfectly fine and I do it all the time. I particularly like wrapping my head in a muffler, tucking the excess ends into one side of my hood, and using it as a shoulder-pillow for dozing on the Chicago Transit Authority.
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Inside the collar, yes. Wearing a scarf outside the hood a la Kenny from "South Park" looks ridiculous always, if that's what you're asking.
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Yes. Just not like this. This is fine, but you know - just fine. More like this. Less like this. Even less like this.
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Nobody cares when it's cold enough to be wearing both a hood and a scarf.
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I suppose it depends on the temperature. Here in Montreal, we give up on not looking like jerks below 5 degrees Fahrenheit. In May, when temperatures soar to 40 degrees, that's when we break out the miniskirts and matching ensembles.

In other words: From a utilitarian perspective, the answer is "yes you can." From a fashion perspective, and assuming comfortable conditions, listen to peagood. Peagood sounds knowledgeable about that stuff.
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Is is it cold enough that you *need* to wear a scarf? Then it doesn't matter how you wear it, as long as you wear it in a manner that keeps you warm. If it's cold out and you wear it in a way that's meant more for looks than functionality, you'll look like a jerk.

Is it too warm to need a scarf? Then it doesn't matter how you wear it, you look like a jerk.
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Jerk is in the eye of the beholder. Wear what you're comfortable wearing.
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Yes. Inside the hood, but outside (on top of) the zipped up front, if the front is zipped up. I think all of peagood's pictures are fine except for the final one.
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I wear a scarf under my hoodie (that would be under the hood and inside the jacket... because it's warmer that way.) all of the time. I'd like to think I'm nowhere near a "jerk". Then again, I'm more concerned with comfort over fashion.
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Scarf on the inside: normal. Scarf on the outside: jerk.
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The steps to not looking like a "jerk" are these:

1. Put on the hoodie.
2. Put on the scarf.
3. Look in the mirror. Do you like how you look?
3.a. If you're comfortable leave it on n go do your thing.
3.b. If you're uncomfortable with how you look, take it off.
4. Don't forget to grab your wallet, keys, and a healthy dose of "no one actually cares". Because your clothes are your own to moderate.

Finally, if you still have a crippling sense of jerkiness, remember that people go outside wearing pajama pants, crocs, and socks with sandals, seemingly without a care in the world. Since these tend to be at the crux of fashion faux pas (pl?) everywhere, I'm thinking your friends and perfect strangers can easily get over themselves when they see how effing boss you feel in your new getup. If they can't, by the way, the proper response is, "well bless your heart" as per MeFites everywhere.
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Try tying it in a cool knot to shorten it up.
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