Looking for a family law attorney in Austin, TX
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Looking for a family law attorney in Austin, TX. Got any recommendations?

I am a non-custodial mother and my daughter's father is intending to move her out of state, which I find quite unacceptable. The timeline is either this summer or next summer. I need to consult with a lawyer to find out if I have a chance of preventing the move. I do not wish to use the lawyer I had for the original drafting of the custody agreement (I really don't think she did a good job). We were never married so divorce is not part of my case, if that matters.

So, do you have any recommendations in the Austin area? Or info about resources to help me in my search would also be helpful. I have looked at the mefi wiki "Get a lawyer" page, but I would prefer a specific recommendation if possible. The Texas Bar Association had 59 pages of listings, so I need some way to narrow things down.
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Rivers McNamara--both the attorneys there specialize in family law, and both are excellent. Becky Beaver also has a very good reputation.
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Eric Willie- I have known two people who hired him and were pleased with the results.
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Response by poster: Thank you both, I will look into these.
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