Seamless tile creation help needed
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Can I make Photoshop do what PhotoSEAM does?

I found this program for making seamless tiles that has exactly the feature I've been wishing for. It takes an image and displays it in tiled form, in a live 3x3 grid. You can draw freely anywhere on the grid and the changes are automatically reflected in every tile. Unfortunately, this program is also kind of terrible. There are no keyboard shortcuts, no transparency, no layers, color selection/management is unfriendly, and pen pressure sensitivity doesn't actually work. I'm used to Photoshop, but I'm willing to learn similar software like GIMP; I just really don't want to do without any of the aforementioned features. Please tell me this is possible!
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You can use Filter > Other > Offset and choose the "Wrap Around" option. Then clean up the edges. But this doesn't automate the process like PhotoSEAM does.
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In Fireworks, you can select an object and go to Modify / Symbol / Convert to Symbol...
That makes the object into an editable group which you can clone manually into a grid, then right click one and go to Symbol / Edit in Place...

You'll get a view (screenshot) which greys out the rest of the canvas slightly, and isn't instant (you won't see nine brush strokes at once, but they will appear when you lift the pen), but which has all of the standard tools and layers available. Photoshop may have a similar "Symbol" feature, but I'm afraid I'm not familiar with it enough to know what it might be called.
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