What causes a dull ache in sedentary limbs?
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What causes a dull ache in sedentary limbs?

Sometimes, on waking up or sitting in the same position for a long time, I get a dull pain/ache in a limb. This is the same reason a body part can fall asleep, only there are no pins and needles. So I figure it might be circulation-related... but massaging and shaking the limb only seems to help slightly.

The location of the pain is vague, extending over a large area of the limb. The pain itself is 1 out of 10, just enough to be distracting. It seems to go away after half an hour or so.

This has happened to me dozens of times over my lifetime, so it's not worrisome or anything. I just figure someone out there knows the common name for this (and how I can get rid of it faster).

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This happens to me, too. IANAD, but I've always attributed it to a nerve getting pinched or compressed.
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I only have this in the combination of sugar kick and mild adrenaline spikes. Took me years to find out. Typical for medium - exposed (musical) performances (such as Bach's Passions) where you have to sit for hours, fighting the discomfort while having to concentrate all the time: You get coffee and cookies and buns right before, you think you're prepared for the gig and whap.
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I have gotten this as well. Seemed to happen frequently in my tweens and teens, now (late 30s), it's pretty rare.
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I'm with pinched nerve. Adjust your seating position, if that doesn't help, adjust your seat or change it entirely. A chronic issue might mean a change to an exercise ball chair or a standing desk.
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