Anal fleshlight
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Erm, so... thoughts and recommendations for an anal fleshlight (or similar brand)?

A question similar to this but two years later and way gayer.

Has anyone bought a Fleshlight with an anus opening? A product with the same functionality with a different brand is fine. Thoughts on the feeling? the cleanup? the durability?

[For what it's worth, I'm sexually inexperienced and unduly anxious about sex, with the result of poor performance in my few experiences (if you know what I mean). I'm thinking of buying a Fleshlight partly because I have an Amazon gift card from the holidays and partly because I want zero-stress, not-quite-masturbation-not-quite-sex experiences to ease me in, so to speak.]

Has anyone bought a fleshlight? What did you end up thinking of it?
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My ex had an anal fleshlight and he seemed to like it but he was on the smaller side. Also the cleanup is a bit awkward and you'll need a private bathroom,...not so much your parents' place.
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Just get it. It's not going to cure your ass-fucking jitters with real guys, but it will feel different than your hand. I can't speak to the cleanup because I don't own one, but a friend (YES A FRIEND) loves his.

Worst case scenario, you toss it after a week.
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A friend of mine got one (an actual Fleshlight) and with some practice was totally able to sort out his prior inability to top successfully. He recommended it highly.
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The FleshJack is the gay version. Lots of choices for anal openings.

I think it's worth it. I use mine only occasionally though, mostly I prefer the good old fashioned way, but it's fun when I do use it
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Maybe start out with what is called a "stroker". It's like a fleshlight, but it's just the internal flexible part. They're cheaper, so maybe you could try a few different styles to see which you prefer. Fleshlights are generally much more expensive.

The insides of the cyberskin tube don't ever seem to be anatomically correct, so you're going to have a slightly different experience when you actually copulate with someone. The various companies who make these devices seem to put a reasonable amount of effort into creating devices that feel good, for obvious reasons. Different devices have different amounts of nodules, different tightnesses, etc. The site I linked to above generally has pics of what the inside of the tube looks like.

Cleanup of both devices is pretty simple. Most if not all are flexible enough to be run under a hot tap. Fleshlight the company recommend their own special Fleshlight cleaner (of course...), but I don't know how necessary that actually is. Soap and water generally gets recommended as doing the job just as well. Maybe look for a device that has a screw top, to prevent mess.

The TENGA line of products is supposed to be good, too. The Flip is a similar device, but you have more control.

The new Fleshlight, the Flight, is supposed to be quite good, at a more reasonable price. It's not got an anal opening, but I don't think this will make that much difference.

Also pay attention to what kinds of lube you can use with the device. Water based lubes are generally safe to use with any toy.

Next time, add a throwaway email account to your post where people can get hold of you anonymously. You'll probably get better answers if folk don't have to tie things to their username.
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