Please help me figure out the name of this song before I self-destruct from frustration.
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New or newish alternative rock song, musically interesting, featuring a male lead singer with a completely incoherent reedy voice... what isss itttt???

I was driving around in LA a few days ago listening to 98.7 and it was evening. A song came on the radio that was very musically interesting (all I remember was a random bass bit that came back again and again--I apologize that that's the best I can do to flesh out what I mean by "interesting"). The song was upbeat or at least not sad. The lead singer was a male with a reedy voice who was literally impossible to understand throughout the song, even though he was speaking English. I really liked this song! But then I lost the station when I went behind a hill, so I went home and have been feverishly searching for it through various means ever since.

What I have discovered thus far is that KROQ claims no knowledge of least, they haven't played it in the last 24 hours. 98.7 hasn't played it since (I've been obsessively listening on and off-- though obviously not every minute of every day) and it's none of the songs listed on their new music listy thing.

It sounds a LOT like Alt-J (a la "Fitzpleasure"), but it's not them, or at least not that song or their others on youtube. In the words of a friend who was with me when I heard it the first time around, the person's voice from the song in question is "less extreme or exaggerated" than the guy from Alt-J.

Can anyone help me? I'm tearing my hair out here.
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Best answer: Django Django -Default?
posted by dayintoday at 5:47 PM on January 3, 2013

Best answer: The Temper Trap is a little like Alt-J and I have a tough time understanding the words.
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Best answer: S├ębastien Tellier - Divine ~ I've been listening to Django Django a lot lately but this could also be a match.
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Best answer: Everything Everything were my first thought for reedy and incomprehensible.
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Best answer: Django Django is a good bet. In addition to "Default," "Love's Dart" also kind of fits the description.
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Response by poster: I've pretty much concluded at this point that my original, simplest answer was best-- the song probably was just Alt-J's "Fitzpleasure," and my over-analyzing mind just distorted the memory.

Nevertheless, thank you, everybody, for answering! Looks like I've got some new musical interests to pursue thanks to your song suggestions.
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