California Casual - what to wear?
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I've been invited to a dinner party and the dress code says california casual. Despite living casually in California, I have no idea what this means. Do I have to wear loafers? My googlefu is weak and didn't pull up any useful charts, lists or diagrams.
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I have no idea myself, but my wife says it means no jeans for women and a sportcoat for men.

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Have some Google-fu.
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the dress code says california casual.

That means "wear pants."
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I agree with jonmc. Pants and a pressed Hawaiian shirt will do.
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Nice but not fancy. Dress as you would to go to a mid-level restaurant.
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Since normal dress in California is shorts and flip-flops, you should go nude if it's "casual".
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I would take that to mean "Whatever you want."
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Sure, 'wear pants,' but the fact that they codified it means nice pants. In other words, wear expensive casual clothes, like Prada jeans, or what have you.
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I would be interested in hearing a description of what other people wore to this occasion as an illustration of what "California casual" entails.
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Slacks and a polo shirt or dress shirt for men, the same, or a sun dress for women (according to this site).
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Currently, it's Tommy Bahama's (silk hawaiian) shirt and slacks with sandals that aren't tevas for men, sundress or equivalent top & slacks for women. If evening/boating, a light sweater for women and golf windbreaker for men. The footwear's the only thing that's fluctuated recently, from what I understand from my parents, it suddenly became a requirement to wear those fancy dress sandals that look like dress shoes of various types with half the leather missing.
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According to a fashion book at work (I get bored... sue me), the best way to handle this situation is to call the host or hostess and ask them advice as to what to wear.
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If the party is to celebrate a special ocassion probably check with the invitee what "california casual" means. What are the current fashion trends in California??.

Cotton pants and a linen shirt is a nice look for guys...that's my take.
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As a 5th generation California native, there's no such thing as "California Casual", unless they mean boardshorts, zories, no shirt and a salt-encrusted tan. Chafed nipples, rasberries and board dings optional.

Bring a classic longboard skate and a wear a faded authentic Hawaiian shirt and shredded cargo shorts or board shorts. If they have a problem with that then maybe they shouldn't have specified "California". :)

Of course, "California Casual" could also mean desert-rat chic, Sierra back country, tree hugger, psychedelic, or even maybe forty-niner. No, scratch that. Being a forty-niner required actual work.

But then you probably shouldn't listen to me. I'm a fashion nightmare, but I know California, and I see supposedly stylish people wear that kind of stuff all the time to fancy-pants places. Which is one of the reasons why I like Phoenix, AZ. Everyone wears shorts, even to nice restaurants. It's too damn hot for anything else.
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