The Best Gear for the Rest of Us.
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What forums do you know of that discuss good gear at budget prices? I'm aware of Budget Light Forum for flashlight aficionados and Poor Man's Watch Forum for watch junkies. What else is there?

To be specific, I'm not looking for deal-of-the-day sites like woot; I'm more interested in in-depth discussions of the very best in budget gear.
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I should also specify that the forums can be broad or narrow in focus: and are pretty focused on specific items, but reddit's /r/goodvalue is open to all suggestions. I'm interested in both.
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It's a blog not a forum, but Dappered for men's style. They do have a separate forum, but the blog is the main part of the site.
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For music gear there's the Gearslutz (not porn) sub-forum Low End Theory which in their words is all about "Big sounds out of small pockets, a don't-break-the-bank recording gear think-tank."
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A lot of the stuff on Cool Tools is pretty reasonably priced (and well reviewed). The comments are also pretty helpful.
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Steep and Cheap is great for athletic, camping, & other outdoorsy gear.
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